Bible Study

Bible Study Tools   a wide variety of Bible and study materials.


Bible Reading Plans - A link to three exceptional Bible Reading Plans

Crosswalk - a wide variety of Bible and study materials.


The Bible Hub - After you read and re-read and think about selection of the Bibl, go to BibleHub to get tremendus resources, word studies and commentaries as well as Greek and hebrew words defined.


The Gospel Coalition has excellent resources in a wide variety  of well organized topics.


Gospel in Life - Resources and preaching from Tim Keller.


Grace to You - for deep, verse by verse studies, mostly by Dr. John MacArthur.


Questioning Christianity Audio - Questioning Christianity is a six-part series, for seekers, skeptics and those exploring Christianity. This series provides a safe and open space to explore the toughest claims of the Christian faith with friends who don’t identify with the Christian faith and are open to learning more. Each subject builds on the previous, and each is concerned with the larger question, does Christianity make sense emotionally, culturally and intellectually. Tim Keller


New City Catechism - download the app to help you learn basic teaching to follow Christ and understand God.


Video Media

John 10:10 Project

For a great series of videos over a wide variety of Christian ideas, the John 10:10 Project has a great place to visit and view extremely well done videos. You can visit them at


That the World May Know

Followers of God are told in both the New Testament the the just shall live by faith. To understand how God became know to the people of the world, a great resource is a series of video by Ray Vander Laan, filmed in Israel and other sites, which show how God set up How the world may know him. These are entertaining, educational, and faith building. Small versions can be found on Youtube here.


How Then Shall We Live

For a video series on the Christian and history showing how Philosophy and Christian thought influences our current world culture. This series was done by world famous Christian philosopher  by Francis Schaeffer. These were done in the 1980's but are timeless. They are also available for free personal viewing on YourTube here.


Focus on the Family

One of the most Biblical resources with practical advice and help in raising children can be found online at Focus on the Family. It has been around over forty years and has articles on just about every subject, topic, and problem.

Art and Entertainment Ministries

This is a Los Angles based group of Artists  who have formed AEM to to bring clarity into the strategic arenas of faith, creativity and culture. AEM provides education, resources and dialogue for those wrestling through the issues of integrating faith and art.