Church Facilities Request


Fee Events

  • Members: ( Events for personal use with church family ) $75

  • Facility Use Family and Friends: (Special Events like birthday parties, baby showers, etc. ) $75 + $100 refundable deposit

  • Outside Groups: (revived by Trustees for appropriate facility fee, certificate of liability required.)

This time is the setup times needed for setup prior to the event. Please give the best estimate and exact times needed.

Tables seat 6-8 Table clothes are recommended.

Tables are 8 feet long. Table clothes are recommended.

The Church sound system can be used in the main building and in the McKay building. Only approved users may setup and operate the sound system. If you need any Mics at all, you also need a sound system operator unless you regularly operate the sound system.

Activity setup is the responsibility of the event organizer. If you need physical assistance that must be specified here so it can be planned and scheduled. A custodian must be at setup and event unless church members take responsibility and already have access.

Advertise Bulletin- Type wording and dates to be posted below. Bulletin requests need to be made 3 weeks in advance. Availability of bulletin space flunctuates. Please enter multiple dates you would like to have advertising.

Service screen announcements  are for church events only and must be approved. Keep text short- less than 16 words.